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MSBE Program

    Dedication to MSBE   

Holder-Edison Foard-Leeper, A Joint Venture, have teamed together on the Charlotte Terminal Lobby Expansion and Charlotte Convention Center Renovation projects to maximize the economic opportunities for minority and small businesses (MSBE) within the Charlotte Combined Statistical Area (SCA). We are dedicated to MSBE inclusion, participation, and workforce development has been outlined in their MSBE Outreach Plan. The plan highlights goals to maximize the inclusion of Minority and Small Business Enterprise (MSBE) firms, engage community partners in the success of MSBE growth and development, and develop stronger and more competitive MSBE firms in the market place.


In an effort to help meet our Minority and Small Business Enterprises (MSBE) goals for both the Charlotte Airport Terminal Lobby Expansion and the Convention Center Renovation, we encourage all interested and qualified MSBE’s who meet the City's Business Inclusion Program requirements register as a vendor and seek certification as a Minority or Small Business Enterprise. You may follow the link below to the City's website for certification requirements and instructions on how to register.

Outreach Events

As a part of our outreach dedication, HEFL will be hosting outreach events and training events to engage the community and educate the contractors in the area about our upcoming project. Please continue to check back here for more information about our next outreach event.

Handouts / Forms


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