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Charlotte Airport Terminal Lobby Expansion

    About the Project  

The Charlotte Terminal Lobby Expansion consists of an expansion to the North of the existing terminal lobby at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The expansion will create additional space for security lanes, ticketing, and baggage claim areas, as well as increased circulation space in the lobby. In addition to the expansion, a canopy will be added over the new 8 lane elevated roadway in front of the terminal lobby. 

Project Animation

Access to Documents

The Documents for the Terminal Lobby Expansion and Central Energy Plant may be found on HELIXproject. Please follow the below steps to download the documents. You may also watch the YouTube video for further instructions.

  1. Log into your HELIXproject account

  2. Navigate to the "Charlotte Airport Main Terminal Expansion" project page

  3. Go to External Files

  4. Download the documents in the appropriate folder


6210 Ardrey Kell Road 

Suite 400

Charlotte, NC  28277​

Tel: 704-357-4200

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